Bittner Brief

Well hello! After a long hiatus from my “Bittner Brief” posts, I’m diving back in! Here we are a couple days into April already– I’m so excited for spring to pop its pretty little head up and stay for a spell! March (and April so far) have had heaps of snow! I feel like we had more substantial snow in March than we did all winter! But that’s okay cause I was feeling a little sad that my boys hadn’t gotten a good, hearty snow-playing session. But now they definitely have, and they loved it!… at least I think Zeke loved it– he spent most of his snow time laying on the ground. I guess it’s just too hard for a little guy to walk in boots + inches of snow. I know Trevor loved it. He was thrilled with Lance throwing snowballs up into the air and watching them explode onto the driveway. He requested that we throw snowballs at him too. Lance got to make one of his traditional snow slides for the boys, complete with a tunnel underneath, and there was a little snowball basketball going on too.

I’ve been doing some watercolor painting– mostly making cards for friends or for people that I know could use a little encouragement. I usually stay up way too late doing it, but it definitely gives me some time to quiet myself and my thoughts, and it helps me recenter. So often it feels like I’m always trying to juggle everything–and maybe you can relate–juggling everything never works out. Sometimes Mama just needs a time out!

I got to photograph a very special project (more on that in a separate post) at the fantastic Hingework studio in downtown Lancaster. Such a neat place!

We celebrated my birthday in Alexandria, VA! Lance and I make it a point to take off work on our birthdays and do SOMETHING! It just helps birthdays feel like… birthdays 🙂  We dropped the boys off for their sleepover and drove 3 hours to see Phil Wickham in concert on Friday night. Then on Saturday we visited a very dear friend of ours. He walked us around Alexandria and we got acquainted with its charm and history. It was so nice because we had no real agenda!

I trust that next month I’ll have springy photos to share with you! I hope you had a wonderful Easter and I hope today is great too!



  1. M-E Kadlub says:

    Sara Lunger!
    I was so excited to stumble upon your photography site & blog online.
    It’s wonderful to realize that you are still as precious as I remember you as a “little girl.” I expected nothing less… your family (girlhood & the one Loving Father has placed in your hands) & your creative works are beautiful. You’re a Mama. Thank you for the encouragement, beauty and love you continually share.
    Spring IS upon us… the little birdies tell me so.
    Blessings dear one.
    Mary (Hain) from EAC days

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