Matt + Allie

What a fabulous excuse this wedding was for Lance + I [just the two of us!] to get away for a weekend! We were more than happy to travel up to Maine to photograph Matt + Allie’s beautiful wedding day! We stayed in an adorable little motel and we had lobster rolls for the first time in our lives! Everyone was right… lobster rolls are a little slice of Maine heaven! Before we left, Lance kept hearing from friends that when we go to Maine we HAVE to get lobster rolls. So we did. And they were AMAZING! We hit as many lobster roll places as we could. So delicious… Lance and I would love to travel up to New England again sometime. Such beautiful landscape there and the people were so nice too.

What a day Matt + Allie’s wedding day was— super charming town, perfect weather, wonderful people all made for a fantastic “day 1” for this sweet couple. Like I said, the weather was perfect for a beach wedding, and when those soft clouds rolled in right on cue for portrait time, you better believe I was tickled pink!

Matt + Allie, you make such a handsome couple. Praying for much love and many blessings for the two of you!

Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0001Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0002Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0005Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0004Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0006Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0003Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0007Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0009Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0010Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0012Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0011Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0031Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0032Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0015Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0014

Their little guy is so adorable!Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0019Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0016Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0018Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0022Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0023Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0013Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0021Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0024Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0025

Allie made these for her girls! Amazing!Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0017Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0020Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0029

Allie, you. are. beautiful!Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0026Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0027Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0028Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0033Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0030Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0034Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0035Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0042Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0037Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0043Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0036Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0046Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0045Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0044Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0047Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0040Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0038Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0039Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0041Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0048Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0050Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0049Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photos_0051



Venue + Catering | Ocean Woods Resort

DJ | Double Platinum Celebrations

Cake | The Cake Cottage

Hair | Hairscape Salon

Flowers | Sam’s Club

Dresses | David’s Bridal

Suits | Men’s Wearhouse

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