Shannon + Julie

Say hello to my friends, Shannon + Julie! These two have a way of lighting up the room wherever they go. Their combined fun-loving spirit is contagious and they are just so much fun to be around. Julie and I have become close friends over the last number of years… life experiences have a way of forging friendships and I am just so so thankful to have this girl in my life. What a gift she is.

This year is Shannon + Julie’s 20th anniversary and in Julie’s words, “Life’s too short to not capture moments, so get the pictures taken!” I couldn’t agree more 😄  I had so much fun during this anniversary shoot, leave it to these two to get me laughing and I don’t even know what about! Enjoy this peek into our time together!

Shannon and Julie, I love you guys and thank you so much for the opportunity to capture this 20-year-strong love that you two have created and cared for so well.





Eep! Gotta love that light! Julie + Shannon, you guys are the cutest.

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