The Journey Captured

I can’t even express how happy it made my heart, to have all of these clients’ friends’ cards decorating my walls this past Christmas. It warms my heart because I can see the fruit & beauty of my work. With each year that passes, I am more and more passionate about the purpose behind my photography. It goes much deeper than just having a pretty & personalized card to send to family & friends at the holidays (although, that’s a definite perk!).

Photographs can keep us connected to loved ones who are not near. Photographs give us the gift of family history; for the generations to come, as well as for ourselves. Photographs remind us of our roots and also, they reveal our own journey to us. It’s easy for me to forget what I did last weekend, let alone what was happening 5 years ago. If our life is worth living then it’s certainly worth recording.

The photos in this post were all taken during my mini sessions last fall, these are a just a few very quick snapshots of where & what each family was in that moment. And if you ask any of these beautiful people if it was worth whatever stress getting out of the house incurred that morning/evening, they would tell you, YESJust see what Ariane shared with me right after her session:

“I cannot thank you enough for how smooth you made that mini session go! As a mom of three, trying to get out of the house in one piece (minus a shoe) is a stress in itself, then add in family pictures and the anxiety & stress reaches an all time high! You, however, made it so relaxing and my stress level was minimal, instead of being high. The girls had fun, the baby cooperated, and I know for sure you captured some awesome moments I will treasure forever! Thank you again, Sara– you are the best and incredible at what you do! ❤️”


And another thing… if you think photoshoots are just for engaged couples and families with children– how wrong you are! No matter what your status happens to be right now, it’s so important to capture your life and everything that it is in this moment in time. Whether it’s a season of waiting, of working or of growing; your story is your story, and it deserves to be recorded, told and remembered.

If you’d like to get together with me to photograph you in the here and now, please drop me a line!

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