Fall Mini Sessions

Wow– why did I wait so long to do mini sessions?? I put some feelers out in September and I got a super encouraging response. So I gave it a shot.

And it went so well!

I can’t take the credit though, it turned out so fantastic because of my awesome clients. Every time slot was filled by previous Sara Bittner Couples, I had the honor of photographing their engagement sessions and their weddings. It was such a gift to spend a little time with each of them and catch up in the short amount of time we had together. And, maybe the best part, was meeting the littles!

I am sure photography will never get old for me. I’m 10+ years in and I’m not sick of it yet! There are so many facets of it that I love. I love that I get to give the gift of actually freezing moments in time. I get to freeze the love. That’s what it’s all about. It’s about people, life and love. It’s about commitment, growth, learning, living. It’s about joy.

Another aspect I love so much is the relationship building. Interacting with people one on one is the way to go for me, and photographing weddings lends itself right to that. I get to learn about two people⏤two individuals. We break the ice during pre-wedding meetings and the engagement session. They let me into the innermost places of their wedding day and I get to know all the people closest to them; up close and personal. And then when it comes full circle, with sessions like this… it’s just the best feeling ever when I get to continue to capture the love for them.

Below are a few of my favorite highlights. 💛


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