Patrick + Abbey

Patrick + Abbey totally rocked their engagement session— it was a hot and misty morning after overnight rain. We did our best to beat the heat by being up at sunrise, but there was just no avoiding the heat + humidity on this day! When you have the best clients in the world it really doesn’t matter what the weather is on any given day… you can always create something beautiful together.  =]

This engagement session was fun + relaxing, we just meandered around Lancaster County Central Park together. There was plenty of laughter and I loved spending some time with these two in front of my camera. Patrick is a dear, fellow photographer friend of mine. We used to work together at a studio and I truly loved having him as a coworker. He has a way of making anything fun. He incites laughter and play wherever he goes. I was introduced to Abbey for the first time here, at their engagement session. I walked away feeling so happy for Patrick, that he found such a wonderful and perfect counterpart. These two are truly so great together.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Patrick + Abbey’s engagement session!

Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0001Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0004Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0002Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0003Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0005Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0006Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0007Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0008Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0010Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0011Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0013Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0015Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0009Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0017Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0016Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0020Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0018Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0021

Love this one!Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0019Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0022Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0025Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0024Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0023Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0027Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0032

They are just the cutest!Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0029Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0031Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0033Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0034Lancaster, PA Engagement Photos_0026

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