Nick + Sam

I am so excited to share this beautiful couple and their sweet wedding story with you– this was a very different wedding situation than I’ve ever dealt with before. Sam contacted me the weekend after I had met her and her fiancè, Nick (they were in Ronnie + Allison‘s bridal party); their wedding was just 11 days away. The photographer they had booked for their wedding day had recently had surgery and was not healing as quickly as anticipated. She didn’t feel confident that she could do Nick and Sam’s wedding the justice that it deserved.

Having their date available (let’s face it: February is not prime wedding season in Pennsylvania) and putting myself in their place, all I could say was yes. I normally don’t photograph on a wedding day for any amount of time less than 9 hours and we always have an engagement session together as well. Neither of these things would be happening in Nick and Sam’s case, but it really didn’t matter. They needed a photographer for their wedding and that’s what I do. No matter how simple and unpretentious a wedding celebration may be, the same magnificent and sacred act is happening. Two people are committing their lives to each other and there is beauty in that no matter what.

This is why I do what I do. I want people to have a visual memory of the beauty and gravity that their wedding held. And, hopefully, it will be an aid in getting them through all of the hard things that come up in life– marriage isn’t easy for anyone, but my hope and prayer for my couples is that they will be steadfast in their love and in their promises. I hope that my couples look back on their wedding photos and relive the vows they made and the young love they started out with. I want them to see how far they’ve come and to never forget the love of their youth.

There was a high of 20˚ on Nick and Sam’s wedding day and between the temperature, the wind and the early sundown we decided last minute to forego portraits on their wedding day and to do them on a later date in the spring. I think I speak for Nick and Sam, as well as myself, when I say that this was the BEST decision ever!! (You’ll probably agree when you get to their portraits)  =]  And I hate to keep you waiting any longer so I hope you enjoy Nick and Sam’s wedding photos!


I have so many favorites from Nick + Sam’s portrait session— these two totally rocked it and I could have photographed them for an entire day <3  This first photo is completely swoon-worthy, don’t you think?!N-S-C-508N-S-C-495N-S-C-489N-S-C-490N-S-C-500N-S-C-516N-S-C-543N-S-C-537N-S-C-558

Straight out of a fairy tale!!N-S-C-522


LOVE this one-N-S-C-554N-S-C-576

Sam, I hope you know how gorgeous you are!N-S-C-605-2N-S-C-579

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