Just a few months ago was Brooke’s 10th anniversary of having spinal fusion surgery to correct scoliosis, and she wanted to celebrate her story with a photoshoot. Brooke got connected with me through a mutual friend and when I met her and heard more about her story I was just so excited to honor her experience with photographs. Brooke says, “Today, 10 years after corrective surgery, I no longer have a double curve in my spine, uneven shoulders and a shoulder blade that sticks out like a fin, and I no longer have to wear back braces… I now have a beautiful scar going down my back with two hidden rods and 26 screws that make me strong.”

Having this diagnosis and major surgery when she was just a kid had a huge impact on the person she is now. Brooke told me that as she looks back on all that she went through, she has to be thankful for who it’s made her into today. Some people don’t understand it, and that’s okay. Brooke’s story is one of longsuffering and of overcoming. I have been so enlightened (and educated) through talking with her and I am truly honored to have been able to help her celebrate all the beauty that is Brooke.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from her session!


Photography: Sara Bittner Photography

Location: Hingework

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