Ryan + Anna

It was storming like crazy when Rachel and I woke up in the [very] wee hours of the morning… whole-house-shaking sort of thunder; and lightning bolt after lightning bolt flashing. I rechecked the forecast for Washington D.C. and it said it was all clear– so on we pressed! Usually I photograph engagement sessions solo, but my sister, Rachel, joined me for this one since I was going quite a distance and I was so glad to have the company!

It rained for most of the drive down and we were pretty happy when we finally passed all the way through the storm front somewhere in Maryland. We met up with Ryan + Anna at sunrise and we hit it off right away– they are just the sweetest! Rachel and I loved hearing the funny stories they share together and getting a little tour of Capitol Hill. Insider tip we picked up: if you want to visit the monuments, go at night. They’re at their best when they’re all lit up and you won’t be fighting tourists! 😉

The D.C. area is home to Ryan + Anna; it’s where they met at George Washington University, it’s where they were engaged and it’s where they love to live now. They had a special request to get some photos around the Lincoln Memorial— it holds a special place in their hearts. When they were dating, in the midst of the busy city, the political marches and the constant tourists, Ryan + Anna would walk together to the Lincoln Memorial and find some peace and quiet tucked behind the grandiose structure. We went on from there and found some other pretty little spots, although, it wouldn’t matter much where we photographed… Ryan + Anna have the sweetest chemistry; the big big love they have for each other radiates out of them and makes them shine. I’m so excited to share this spring engagement session with you and I definitely can’t wait for their wedding!


Washington DC Engagement Photos_0002Washington DC Engagement Photos_0001

Definitely one of my favorites!Washington DC Engagement Photos_0000Washington DC Engagement Photos_0003Washington DC Engagement Photos_0005Washington DC Engagement Photos_0006Washington DC Engagement Photos_0007Washington DC Engagement Photos_0009

GAH! I was loving the light in this corridor! And really… they are the cutest.Washington DC Engagement Photos_0011Washington DC Engagement Photos_0012Washington DC Engagement Photos_0010Washington DC Engagement Photos_0029Washington DC Engagement Photos_0013Washington DC Engagement Photos_0015Washington DC Engagement Photos_0016Washington DC Engagement Photos_0017Washington DC Engagement Photos_0018Washington DC Engagement Photos_0014Washington DC Engagement Photos_0019Washington DC Engagement Photos_0021Washington DC Engagement Photos_0020Washington DC Engagement Photos_0025Washington DC Engagement Photos_0023Washington DC Engagement Photos_0026Washington DC Engagement Photos_0028Washington DC Engagement Photos_0027Washington DC Engagement Photos_0024

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