Tim + Kelly

I drove down to Delaware to meet Tim + Kelly for their engagement session. They whisked me away to the nearby, charming town of Delaware City where we had lots of fun finding pretty little golden corners right on the Delaware River. It was such a beautiful evening and Tim + Kelly were so fun to be around!

They warned me about the Delaware mosquitoes… “They’ll carry you away,” they said. “Okay,” I thought, “so there’s a lot of mosquitoes here.” I applied a reasonable amount of bug spray and then found myself applying it two or three more times before the session was over… they were not kidding! Despite the little critters we had a wonderful time.  =]

Tim is the kind of guy who has his hand in a little bit of everything. The more you talk to him the more you find out he’s done or tried or is currently involved in a huge variety of things. I would be so worn out if I were him! Kelly does a good job keeping up with his far-reaching interests and it’s clear to me that he loves having her by his side. I’m so excited for their wedding next year and I’m delighted to share some of my favorites from our time together with you!

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So very pretty, Kelly!Delaware Engagement Photos_0015Delaware Engagement Photos_0017Delaware Engagement Photos_0018Delaware Engagement Photos_0019Delaware Engagement Photos_0020Delaware Engagement Photos_0025Delaware Engagement Photos_0022Delaware Engagement Photos_0023Delaware Engagement Photos_0031Delaware Engagement Photos_0026Delaware Engagement Photos_0027Delaware Engagement Photos_0028

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