Ronnie + Allison

Say hello to Ronnie + Allison! You’ll be seeing them here again soon— they’re getting married in January! I’m very excited for their lodge wedding… this will actually be one of two weddings I’m photographing in January! Hoping for a beautiful dusting of snow for each one =]

It was so fun getting together with these two for their fall engagements— they were gracious enough to travel down to Hershey for their session with their two pups in tow. Allison and I were friends in high school and it’s been so great being able to catch up with her!

It was windy for Ronnie + Allison’s session… the kind of wind that seems to cut right through to your bones; but the sunshine was beautiful and the love between these two was all we needed to combat the chill in the air. The fur babies, Jaxon and Jillian (Jax + Jill, how cute!) were very enthusiastic to be there and I had a great time photographing this cute family of four. Enjoy!


I love this one!2015-11-24_00082015-11-24_00072015-11-24_00202015-11-24_0002


I really love this outfit combo.2015-11-24_00122015-11-24_0014

Allison, you shine!2015-11-24_00112015-11-24_00192015-11-24_00132015-11-24_00152015-11-24_00162015-11-24_00172015-11-24_0018

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